We act through song.


That's Our Cue is an exciting new non-profit organization that brings theatre and social justice together to raise our voices, raise spirits, and most of all, raise funds for worthwhile causes in Washington, D.C. Through bimonthly broadway karaoke events, we provide opportunities for the Washington, D.C., theatre community to channel their talents and passions to help those in need.


That's Our Cue began as a series of showtune-focused karaoke nights as a group of friends and theatre enthusiasts in May 2017. But after a few great nights, we knew we had a good thing going. Because the theatre community has such a huge capacity for empathy, we knew that, given the chance to channel that passion to support a good cause, it would rise to the occasion! 

We are an evolving, responsive community organization. ​We are dedicated to bringing artists and audiences together to support those in need. We decide where we can best direct our efforts, and when we hear the call, we know that That’s Our Cue!